Monday, April 26, 2010

merajuk yg buruk! =P

i'm on EL today....why?? hahahaha due to me 'merajuk' with incik buah hati!
hahhaaha isn't it funny? i'm starting to realize that sometimes it's really complicated when ur partner/bf/hubby is working in the same office as u are..

why?? hahahaha his desk is only beside my desk!! believe it or not??
~ this is we call it 'cinte sbelah meja!' =P
oh gosh this is the first time i felt so difficult n complicated...we never had an argument b4 that's why these complicated probs never occur to us..

look at d picture..that's me sitting just beside incik buah hati...his desk just beside mine...and that's anis, her desk just behind mine & after this i'll be sitting in front of anis desk...
it's still not too far from him!! =P

but i'm glad currently my big boss ask me to join another new section instead of having the same group with my beloved incik buah hati..=)

but still...we still in same office but separated only by 2 desk! hahahaha better than never! =P

can't imagine what's going to be happen after we've been married...hahahahaha better to save my 'CUTI' then! hahahahahaha =P

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