Tuesday, July 27, 2010

krabi honenymoon ~ day 3 - 22 July 2010

ok daku gagahkan jugak menyambung menulis dalam blog nih pasal krabi demi rakan2 tcintan yg nak gi krabi sok hihi =)

we wake up early this morning as yesterday for breakfast around 8am...as usual the hotel served us halal food for muslims....

today we gonna have a james bond island tour....james bond??? hihi they took the name due to the island was been used for film shooting in the james bond film ~ the man with the golden gun..if u can still remember =)

but the trip is not only cover the james bond island, we also visiting others island + canoeing activities + visit muslim floating village and having lunch there....the view from the boat is so beautiful + refreshing!

gamba gedik lagi! wajibla tepek kan kate tengah honeymoon hihi..nanti dah lame kawen xde dah gambo gedik2 nih =P

the muslim floating village

we've been served with the halal meals...the tomyam is superb! =)

then we continue back the journey by boat...now visiting a budha temple..there's a lot of monkey here..

tomoi (thai wrestling) training activities by the student...

lastly we had relaxing session ~ fish spa at the waterfall...
there's a lot of small fish here =)

we get back to our hotel by 5.30pm...then by 7.30pm we walked to Aonang center for dinner...
not far from our hotel there's a muslim food stall serving very2 cheap food & drinks...

the food stall appearance is a bit messy....but there's a lot of foreigners and tourist (mat salleh) having their dinner/takeway here! so we guess the foods must be good...
while ordering the foods, one of the customer suggest us to have a pad thai noodles...it was so delicious and she went to the stall for third time + the price is so cheap! why not give a try =)
the stall located along the McDonalds and 7 eleven shop.

the mango shake...all the fruit shakes is only 40bath@RM4.00 only

we ordered phad thai noodle + crab fried rice + tomyam kung + som tam (thai salad) + cashew chiken...and it's all so damn delicious! espcially the phad thai noodle n somtam! and the total cost is only 500bath@rm50 for 4 person...just a half price that we've ate yesterday at La Casa restaurant!

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