Tuesday, July 27, 2010

krabi honenymoon ~ day 4 - 23 July 2010

kejap jek dah last day =( heeee sangat x puas gi honeymoon kat krabi ok!
so wajibla pakai tshirt krabi yg dah di shopping semalam kan =P
tayang skitttttt hihi

on the last day, the taxi pick up us at hotel on 10.30 am...our flight depart on 2.10pm
we've booked the taxi previously with all the package tour we had at krabi...so i bargain the taxi price and we get only 400bath@RM40 from Aonang to krabi airport for 4 pax...so cheap right =)

while waiting for departure, we had a massage session~ foot reflexology and back massage at the aiport...and it only cost us 300bath@rm30 per person....the massage is so good and refreshing!
lastly the served us a ginger tea..really nice treatment =)

the we depart at 2.10pm.....really enjoying our honeymoon time at krabi! the place is really awesome! can be recommended to others =) ok babaiiii krabi.....

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