Monday, July 26, 2010

Krabi honeymoon ~ day 1 - 20 july 2010

sudah berabuk rupernye blog daku nih hee =P
smenjak kawen nih sgt malas online....sgt bz ler skang hihi...
tapi disebab kan kawan2 kesayanganku nak ke krabi khamis nih so terpaksela daku merajinkan diri menulis blog pasal krabi nih...hope can be their reference at krabi as well as others readers...

ok we plan to have a last minute honeymoon at krabi we've booked a cheap package flights+hotel @ krabi from airasia...& it's really affordable to us...only rm1206 for 4 night & 3 days for two pax! we depart from LCCT terminal at 1.15 pm and the flight took bout 1 hour ++ minute to krabi airport..

me n mr. hubby =) cewahhhh skang dah naik pangkat ok hihi

there's a lot of taxi service available at the krabi airport. normally the taxi will charge 600 bath@RM60 per taxi to the Aonang Hotel.. so it's still cheap if u coming with a group. but the other alternatives is the shuttle bus that is more cheaper than the taxi...
my husband's niece n his wife also joining us to the krabi for their the more u bring the more cheaper price u get =) at the krabi airport also u can have a lot of package tour but i think u can get a better+cheaper price at the Aonang area compared to krabi airport package tour counter..

during the honeymoon we've stayed at the Aonang Paradise Resort & Longstay at the Aonang Beach. 1 more tips is if u are coming for your honeymoon, just mention to the hotel staff that both of u are coming for your honeymoon & you'll get a free upgrade to a better room (suite or others) and i get the room for honeymooners =) really lurve it~ more privacy ok hihi

this is our room after free upgrading =)

heee i like the towels =)

inside the room

really satisfied with the room...not expecting a luxurious room just a sweet n comfortable room with an affordable price that we have =)

ok we've been so tired activities??? sleeppppp through all the night hihi...
and we had our supper (12am) at the McDonald loacated just infront of the hotel =)
why mc'd? due all the shops n food stall are closed by 10pm...only the pub n bar are open till morning...

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