Monday, July 26, 2010

krabi honeymoon ~ day 2 - 21 july 2010

on the second day, we get up early in the morning to have our breakfast on 8.15am...oohh forget to mention that the hotel also provide us a free breakfast... for muslims, not to worry bout the halal foods, most of the people in krabi are muslims...n some of the staff at the hotel also are muslims. so they guide us which one is the halal food that we can eat..

today we had a snorkeling + swimming activities...we had booked a Phi Phi island package tour for 4 pax..n it cost us 1000bath@RM100 per pax...but u can try to bargain the price till 800bath =)

the journey took bout 1 hour ++ minutes to the island..but we've stopped to 2 others island before the Phi Phi Island....really love the crystal clear water! really beautiful!!

don't forget to buy some breads for the fish...they love it =)

wajib la tepek gamba gedik kan kate tengah honeymoon hihi =P

we had our lunch at one of the island..sorry i forget the name =P
and they provide halal meals to all of us due to the restaurant is owned by a muslim villagers.

we've meet 'finding nemo' under here =)

really2 satisfied & amazed with the beautiful sea! so it's a compulsory activities when u are in krabi! we get back to our hotel by 5pm...then on 7.30 pm we went to the Aonang center to have our dinner....there's a lot of muslims restaurant & halal food stall around the Aonang area...

i've tried this choc pancake...the taste? hahahhaha u must try cost me only 40bath@RM4

we had our dinner at the La Casa restaurant...we had a thai cuisine for our dinner...
one of my friend recommended us to have dinner why not juz giv a try..
they provide halal food for the muslims

the tom yam kung is superb! my hubby really lurve the taste...

i had oyster mix vege with cost for two pax includes the drinks is 500bath@RM50

then we walk along the Aonang center for shoppings...but u need to bargain the price at till half due to they will mark up the price especially to the tourist....all the shops closed at 10pm..

last but not the krabi postcard + 20bath@RM2 stamp and post it to your home! so we got proof we are in krabi for honeymoon =)

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hana yoriee said...

sweet!! =)

CaDLyNN said...


zielalala... said...

hi!! bestnye u g honeymoon..i x g pn lg..:(..plan ke jakarta xmenjadi..maybe dlm negara je la kot nnti..ada gak teringin g krabi ni..u amik pakej kt ne eh

cik ieza said...

thanks hana n mazlyn =)
ziela ~ i amik kat airasia package jek...nanti if u nak book amik terus flight+hotel..berbaloi2!! hihi =)

Miss N said...

bahagia tak zah? :p

bitsANDpieces said...

seronoknya krabi! pancake tuh sedap ke tak? maybe should consider pergi krabi, plus food pon senang je nak dpt. thanks for the info!!!

cik ieza said...

nisha~ heee sgt hepi skang hihi =)

bitsandpieces~ pancake tuh sedap! krabi memang recommended =)