Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things to Do & Souvenir to buy at Kuching Sarawak

i'm too lazy + busy to write down all the activities that we been doing last week at Kuching Sarawak....
so i just summarized it to a list of '' Thing to do and Souvenir to Buy at sarawak....''

1) Kedai Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah - a famous local traditional multi layer cake at Sarawak that have a variety of flavors and colors. It was very famous and popular at Sarawak and it's a MUST buy souvenir for your loves one =)
The cake price start from RM10 and it was so cheap! plus u can try all the cake sample there before deciding which flavor that u gonna buy...
refer the link here

2) daily package tour/ local sightseeing tour - there's a lot of travel agent providing daily/package tour at Waterfront Kuching and at the Kuching Town Center. so just pack your bag and choose the suitable package by your own with a reasonable price. and the package also can be book through internet. refer here and here for 'things to do in Kuching'

3) Souvenirs/ handcrafts - there's a lot of souvenirs/handcrafts shop at the waterfront Kuching.
The famous souvenirs to buy is Sarawak black/white pepper, batik sarawak, local sarawak handcrafts and etc..

4) Sarawak River Cruise at Waterfront Kuching - experience cruising Sarawak river for about 1 1/2 hour end up watching the beautiful sunset. The cruise start at 5.30pm till 7.00pm and the cruise ticket cost RM60 for adult and RM30 for children..

5) Perahu Tambang at Waterfront - there's also a small boat at the waterfront that been used by the villagers to cross the Sungai Sarawak. And normally the boat man will charge the villagers RM1.oo each. But you can experience cruising the Sarawak River by the small boat for about 1 hour and will cost you up to RM15 - RM20 per pax, but you can negotiate the price even more cheaper with the boat man..

6) Kuching Landmark - Cat statue~ Kuching landmark, located at the end of water front roundabout. Kuching means 'Cat' in local language.

7) Pasar Sarikin - Located at the Border of Sarawak and Indonesia. some call it 'little Bandung' in Sarawak due to it have a lot of shops similar as Bandung Indonesia. There's a lot shops selling fabrics, handcraft, souvenir, bamboo product, wedding attire, kain sarung, kain pelikat and a lots of items that are mostly came from Indonesia with a very cheap price.

8) Pasar Satok - Local Wet Market at Kuching Town. There's a lot of local product you can find here. But the famous product is 'Ikan Terubuk Masin' ~ a local salted fish called 'Terubuk'.
It's really cheap here and they can package the fish so good, so that we can bring back the fish fresh and safely.

the fish packaging - so safe to be put in the luggage =)

9) Gambir Sarawak ~ A local medicine that you can found it everywhere in Kuching...

10) Santubong ~ Located 35km North from Kuching Town. This mountain related with a local legendary Historical of two local princess that been cursed. There's a lot of interesting place can be visit here such as Damai Beach, Sarawak Cultural Village, a lot of famous Seafood restaurants and etc.. kindly refer the link here for the guide of 'things to do at Santubong Sarawak'
for more info about Santubong just click the link here

11) Kuching International Airport - the last place should be visit before departing back! =)
gonna miss Kuching! we had a really great time in Kuching with my others colleague..


Sharz said...

salam kenal!! thanks for the info sharing!!! suke baca trip2 time leh jadi guide tuk saya.. =)

ieza said...

Hi sharz,

Slmt b'kenalan :) tq for reading dear hehe

Anonymous said...

Blog yg quite complete...semua ada...saya suka..saya suka...thanks a bunch!!!!