Wednesday, May 11, 2011

things to eat at kuching sarawak!

things to EAT at kuching sarawak!

list below are the famous Sarawak's foods that need to be try during your stay at Sarawak....
malas nak cerita banyak2, just tepek gamba jek dah cukup kot....

1) Laksa Sarawak~ a famous local traditional sarawakian dish

2) Umai - local traditional local salad added with prawn

3) Kek Lapis Sarawak - Local traditional multi layer cakes that have a variety of flavors, colors & design

4) Sarawak chiken wing - a bit spicy but yet delicious

4) mee kolok ayam @ sapi - local mee served with chicken or beef soup.

5) mee pok - similar with mee kolok but the noodles is more thicker

you can try to sit back and relax while having your dinner watching the sunset along the waterfront Kuching..there's a lot food stall serving foods and drinks with reasonable price.

6) ayam penyet - white rice served with fried chicken, salad & sambal

7) seafood - butter prawn, steamed fish (seafood price is very cheap at sarawak)
the best seafood restaurant is at Santubong

8) tabaloi - the local traditional sarawak snacks made from sago. nice to be a souvenir for the loves one =)

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Renuka Arumugam said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful information about tour in Kuching.
I'm going next month and definitely will visit all these places.