Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pulau Perhentian Trip ~ day two 29 May 2011

ok lets continue my perhentian island trip entry....
we had our breakfast at 7am. it was toast + fried egg + baked bean + coffee.
but we order roti canai due to we was so starving that morning =P

then we get ready for our second day snorkeling trip.
we was so excited today, as mentioned by the boatman the best time to snorkeling is in the morning due to the water is more clearer.

the first stop is at the turtle point. there's 3 turtles swimming around us...
but this is the best picture that i can snap. the turtle swim so fast!

the next stop is pulau rawa, susu dara & tuku burung

we was so amaze with the clear blue water... and you can see the corals clearly from the boat

the next snorkeling stop is the light house at the perhentian kecil. this place had the best and beautiful coral among the perhentian island. so it's a MUST to snorkeling here!

then the last snorkeling stop is at the shark point. whooooo don't be panic guys, the shark is not dangerous at all... and this is my first time to see the real shark alive !

on our last night, we had a bbq dinner..
the bbq menu was barracuda fish + chicken + squid + sausage and served with fried rice + fish crackers. result = we was so full with foods!! hihi

ohhh time flies so fast, we didn't realize that it's already 2 days here.....
wanna stay late tonight to spend our last night here....
to be continue.....

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