Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy birthday to me!

Aku tanya apa khabarrr semua??
Nyanyi la skit hehe...

This is entry for bulan march pulak...
Azam baru kan each bulan atleast kene ade 1 entry kah kah kah...

I loveeee march sebab it's my birthday month hehe
Ahad lepas my family buat advanced suprise befday party for me & my mom..

Tq so much to my beloved aunts mak uda n mak busu with their family as well, my cousins and my siblings for the advanced birthday treat hehe..
Love u guyssss so much tau hehe

Hari ni 17 mac my mom punye befday pulak, hepi befday mak! We all loveeeeee u so much mak!

Btw, thank u so much for the treat!
A new age, new hopes, new dreams plus new surrounding & people perhaps? Hehehe


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ArY+ShA=AmZaRFaYyAdH said...

Assalam ieza,
happy birthday uols :)