Sunday, October 28, 2012

Simple & easy chicken pie

Hi peeps....
Just want to share this really2 simple & easy chicken pie...
Even sangat simple tapi soooo sedap!
Thanks to my friend ~ zaf yang rekemen this recipe...

Bahan2 die pun simple jek..


1) daging ayam - potong kecik2 (saye guna 1 cawan)
2) 1 tin campbells mushroom soup (saye guna wild mushroom)
3) kawan puff pastry
4) blackpepper
5) lada sulah
6) 3 ulas bawang putih (hiris)
7) 1 biji bawang besar (hiris)
8) air (1tin - pakai tin mushroom soup tadi)
9) telur kuning
10) sdikit minyak untuk menumis


1) panaskan sdikit minyak, then tumis bawang putih & bawang merah
2) masuk kan daging ayam then kacau2 sampai ayam masak
3) bila dah masak, masuk kan mushroom soup tadi
5) tambah air (saye pakai 1 tin air), then kacau2 biar sebati
6) masuk kan blackpepper, lada sulah secukup rasa... Nak lagi pedas tambah la banyak sikit hehe
7) lepas tu tunggu la sampai kuah die pekat sikit..kalau boleh jangan cair sangat... Biar kuah pekat & daging ayam tu empuk...
8) bole start panas kan oven dulu - 220'C

Then kite buat pastry die pulak...

1) pkai instant pastry pun okey jek... So potong dua pastry then uli mengikut bentuk acuan pie anda... Saye punye acuan kecik jek tu yang kene potong dua...
2) lepas tu masuk kan inti ayam yang dah masak tadi
3) jangan letak penuh2 ok..just 3/4 aje... Kalau tak nanti inti die melimpah keluar...
4) then amik lagi 1 layer pastry tutup pie tadi (kecik pun tak pe nanti bole kelim tepi2 pie)
5) lepas tun kelim la tepi2 kulit pie tu...hahaha bab ni memang saye fail... Buruk benor jadinye hehe
6) make sure lepas tu cucuk2 sikit atas permukaan pie tu dengan garpu....tak mau bagi udara trapped inside the pie...
6) sapu telur kuning atas kulit pie tu..nanti baru la cantik kuning pie tu...
7) then bakar dalam oven selama 30 minit - 220'C
8) bile pastry dah agak kuning2 tuh macam rangup2 boleh la keluarkan...sedap di makan panas2

Tadaaaaaa presenting my comots chicken pie...
Hehe comot tapi sodap...
Wajib try ok, senang & simple but yet sedap!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

jom shopping barang2 from U.K

afternoon peeps....
jom shopping barang2 dapur...
baru la ade feel gumbira sikit bile masuk dapur haha :)

just helping my friend yang skang nih kat uk..
all items are originally from U.K. and die akan ship all the orders to Malaysia.
ni facebook page nye barangmurah uk

ok all this items kat bawah nih semuanye untuk trip 16, estimated sampai ke malaysia end of january 2013..

so far saye dah several times order barang with her..alhamdulillah sronoks doing shopping with her :)
yg best nye they do accept installment payment till shipment barang2 sampai to customer enf of January 2013.

just bayar deposit, then next bayar the balance bile gaji..normally sampai 3 kali bayar...
if ade yang interested do contact/pm me so that saye boleh tolong orderkan...
disebabkan customer beliau amat lah ramai, so barang2 sangat cepat sold out... so memang kene cepat..
jommmmm shopping gurlssss :)

If interested just email me and saye akan terus proceed order.

5 set of Tefal volupty - RM520 (deposit: RM100)
Tefal set details: Set of 5 cookware set Includes :
1) 20 cm frypan
2) 26cm Frypan
3) 16cm-1.4L Saucepan with Lid
4 )18cm-1.9L Saucepan With Lid
5) 20cm -2.8L Saucepan With Lid .
The saucepan lid is glass and are vented

Spice Rack With 24 Filled Spice Glass Jars And Revolving Base
**RM230** (Deposit: RM70)
ok for those yg suke masak2 especially western2 tuh... spice & herbs rack nih memang cool.. plan nak beli kan for my mom jugak... dahla ade 24 herbs & spice, boleh pusing2 lagi.. cool kan?

items Details:
This revolving spice rack from Your Kitchen... gives you quick & easy access to a multitude of the flavours needed to make dishes completely delicious. A stylish addition to any kitchen, this counter top spice rack comes with 24 practical & elegant glass jars, filled with 24 individually labelled, different herbs & spices!

This set contains the following;
Garlic flakes
Onion flakes
Coriander seeds
Small dry red chillies
Black peppercorns
Ground cinnamon
Bay leaves
Beef spice
Fish spice
Mixed peppercorns
Fennel seeds
Red chilli flakes
Cumin seeds

Pyrex 2 Pcs Roaster Set
**RM 140** (deposit RM50)
Perfect for use from oven to table or to cook and serve
Electric and gas oven safe to 300 degrees
Fridge and freezer safe
Made from borosilicate glass
Thermal shock resistant
Stain and scratch resistant
Does not retain flavours
Colour: Clear

Cast Iron Round Casserole 24cm
**RM355** (deposit RM150)
Material: Cast Iron
Coating: Enamel inside and out
Handles: Integral as part of pot
Heat sources: All, except Microwave. Safe for use in oven up to 220 degrees
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Freezer safe: Yes
Cast Iron is energy efficient (as retains heat well) and provides excellent heat diffusion (ideal for slow cooking) allowing continued cooking on a low setting.
All items have been tested to British Standards.

Breville Gourmet Pie Maker
**RM220** (Deposit: RM70)

Cooks four pies in 10 minutes
Rapid heat-up

Includes pastry cutter and crimping tool to create classic ridged pie edges
Non-stick plates for easy cleaning
Includes pastry making guide and sweet and savoury recipes

Kenwood Can Opener / Sharpen Knife /Bottle Opener **RM145**(deposit:RM50)

yg ni pun cool and cun... bile letak kat dapur nampak la moden gitu... plus it was really helpful.. x yah nak sibuk mencari pembukak tin dah...asah pisau pun bole + nak bukak botol kicap pun sonang...
Letak aje nanti this smart kenwood will helps...

Nuo Hand Blender
**RM160** (deposit: RM:50)

The Hand Blender from the Nuo collection is exclusive to Robert Dyas. The entire range is designed with form & function in mind and each product is guaranteed for 2 years.

Stainless steel blades
2 speed settings
1 Metre Power Cord
Accessories included: stainless steel whisk, mini food processor, plastic mixing beaker.

george foreman 4 portion
**RM250** (Deposit: RM100)

Jom start makan healthy foods dengan masak cara sihat...
By grilling from both the bottom and top simultaneously food cooks over twice as fast plus unwanted fat and grease is channeled away into the drip tray provided for a much tastier and healthier bite. The size of the grill allows you to cook up to 4 portions of food making it the ideal family grill. The stylish curved lid design means that this product will fit in perfectly in any modern kitchen environment but if you wish to put it away it is specifically designed so that it can be stored vertically therefore drastically saving on space. In 1996 the first George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine was launched following former heavyweight boxer George Foreman's quest to find a product which allowed him to eat many of his favourite foods but in a more healthy way. The George Foreman Grill has gone on to sell a phenomenal 100 million grills worldwide; its success due to it being a healthier quicker and more convenient way of cooking.
Features • Grill channels fat and grease in to separate drip tray for healthier eating • Cooks over twice as fast as conventional cooking methods • Removable dishwasher safe grill plates for easier cleaning • Floating hinge allows you to evenly cook extra thick food and sandwiches • Versatile: can cook vegetables any meat or fish (fresh or frozen) and Panini's Specifications

• Non-stick easy clean finish on grill plates • Cooks up to 4 portions of food • 465cm? cooking area • 1000 watts • Drip tray and spatula included • Extended handle for ease of use • Temperature ready indicator light • 75cm power George Foreman 4 Portion Family Grill - NEW This 4 Portion family grill is perfect for the whole family. Place up to 4 portions of chicken breast steak or pork in this lean mean fat reducing grilling machine and watch as all that unwanted fat drip away into the drip tray. Cook all your favourite foods in a healthier way but in a fraction of the normal cooking time.

ok2 x boleh letak banyak2 coz saye dah rambang mata... bole bankrup jadinye nanti haha...
for those yang interested nak join the trip 16 shipment, just pm or contact me k...
ade lagi barang2 lain yang tengah sale, so kindly click kat fb page barangmurah uk
have fun gurls...
semoga kite lebih rajin memasak cewahhhh hahaha...

with love
ieza :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The best apple strudel in town!

so far this one memang very superb in perth.... Ole2 from my sister yg baru sampai tadi....
Kalau ikut nafsu bole mlantak skotak sorang2....
Ooooohhhh why your kedai sooooo jauh??

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stress di pagi hari

Eeeeee sape la punye keje campak screw driver kat tengah2 jalan ni haaa?? Grrrrrrrr menyusahkan orang tau x! Kete tu dahla sbulan pun x sampai, bau kdai pun x ilang lagi.. Xpasal2 kene tuka tayar baru.. memang aku sumpah kau jadik KATAK!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dinner at hanare restaurant @ double tree k.L

Happy weekend peeps!
Lame dah tak makan japanese foods.. But this time tuka angin plak kat hanare... The foods was good and sedap... But service agak kureng skit...
Price plak memang agak mahal skit...

Then kami ke sky bar... Cantiknye view klcc from here.... Falling in love again and again with them :)

Lazy sunday menu

Hari malas sedunia.... Dahla hujan memang rase nak tido jek smpai malam bole?? Hehe
Masak pun main campak2 aje, malas punye pasal.....

Tadi suruh cik hubby amik kan daun kunyit kat luar rumah.... Plan nak balut ikan buat ikan bakar.....
Tengok2 comel nye la haiii daun yang die amik...
Stakat nak balut bontot ikan jek ckup kot haihhh... Letihhhhh mak noksss :p

Friday, October 19, 2012

Busy with mr. Adam

Lately sangat lah teramat busy..
Lame dah x jenguk blogpress till today....
Hari2 got appointment with mr. Adam...
Hahahaha busy tau mak :p